East Cork STEM Academy Ltd, is the first independently owned, family run STEM Academy to use the medium of LEGO in the South East of Ireland. We are not a franchise but a local company, employing local people and using local suppliers wherever possible. Whatever profits we make, will stay here in East Cork and be spent here, no offshore accounts or tax havens here!

12 months ago East Cork STEM Academy Ltd was just an idea, well not even an idea really, just a nagging at the back of my brain. I had noticed a consistent weakness in many students when it came to STEM subjects at school, my gut feeling was that they were simply falling through the cracks in an education system that is bursting at the seams. There had to be another way of bringing STEM to life, to get students to want to engage with these subjects. After much research, I discovered that teaching STEM through LEGO® is now becoming standard in the US and the UK but relatively unheard of here in Ireland, and so the journey began!

Over the last six months we have sent out a number of surveys and have taken on board the feedback from those of you who responded, many thanks for that. We have designed our classes to best fit your needs based on those surveys, but our classes will continue to evolve as your needs change. All our staff are LEGO® trained, Garda vetted, First Aid qualified and have done their Autism Awareness training. Autism and Additional Needs classes will form a core part of our Academy, the curriculum will be exactly the same but taken at a different pace and with smaller numbers. Autism is something that is very close to our own lives and LEGO® has proved to be a great outlet for expression and creativity in our own journey, we hope it can help others too.

Because this Academy is so unique, it makes it a huge gamble but we hope that the people of East Cork and West Waterford will join us on this incredible journey? Who knows where it will lead? We look forward to seeing you all at UNIT 1A, Allin’s Quay, overlooking the beautiful Blackwater estuary.